Our collections of special designs and We have been producing customer-specific solutions with our business partners for 21 years


We find the best color, fabric, and craftsman to make our designs come true, and we manage the collaboration.


We designed it, selected its fabric and produced it. We complete the sewing, accessories and all the remaining details gracefully.

Embroidery Shop

We follow the entire production process of your products. After sewing, we examine all the processes done in the embroidery shop.
Follow the embroidery step that adds color, embroidery and character to your product. Thank you. We examine the details of each thread embroidered on your fabrics. Various color, yarn, thread and fabric processing processes are done by machine and province. We bring the design to life with beads, sequins and threads of various types and colors.You have eyes, we examine every detail embroidered on every fabric.

Embroidery Shop Operations

Each yarn processed into your products is of the appropriate color and quality for the fabric. We review the resources we choose and share them with you. While we follow the entire production process of your products, we control all the processes in the embroidery after sewing.