Our collections of special designs and We have been producing customer-specific solutions with our business partners for 21 years


We find the best color, fabric, and craftsman to make our designs come true, and we manage the collaboration.


We designed it, selected its fabric and produced it. We complete the sewing, accessories and all the remaining details gracefully.


We follow the printing detail for you customize your design. We produce the best for your brand for you.
Printing Unit

Special design patterns, motifs or colors are transferred to the products with various printing methods.

Color is applied with manual or mechanically guided machines. Printing machines are adjusted according to the pattern in the design and can be printed in different sizes.

Printing is to transfer decorative patterns to the whole design in a uniform way. We find many different applications with innovative methods.

Print Types

There are many printing techniques, it is used in production of meter printing, digital printing, piece printing and sublimation printing. Print patterns are shown to our customers as a presentation. We offer you the colors and patterns of each season, we find the printing style you want and make it. We control the process at any time to deliver your designs to you with your printing processes. Pigments are used between about 75 or 85 percent in all printing processes. Printing is accomplished by producing very little waste without the need for washing steps.
Printing House Operations