Customer Arrival

Your brand's collections are carefully followed from the very first moment, and they are delivered to you.

Customer Quality Control

Mixxit Turkey is also responsible for the situations in the process after the products reach you.

Arrival Store

Getting to the Store the arrival of your products in the store and We are also with you in case of problems that may occur in the process of reaching the final consumer.

Final Consumer

Your consumer, the experience in reaching your customer responsibility for problems and negativities belongs to us.
Lojistik takip

We follow every step of the logistics and distribution process for the correct, fast and safe delivery of your orders.

We manage the journey from our factory to your warehouse.

 What We Do in Logistics and Tracking;

  • Goods acceptance
  • Transfer
  • Storage conditions suitable for the product to the
  • Packaging according regulation
  • Ironing
  • Alarming Labeling of the products
Lojistik takip

Logistics and Follow-up Steps;

  • Sorting and quality control

  • Collection management

  • Storage with different shelving systems

  • Ensuring maximum capacity in vehicle load

  • Report generation and automation systems

  • Reverse logistics services

Lojistik takip
Lojistik & Takip

We Use of One-Stop Cargo Solutions

Work with the best airline transport companies. If you need small-scale shipments, we can provide different delivery services without loss of speed.

We make your delivery by taking advantage of the best shipping companies in the world at affordable prices.

Special Clearance

We deliver your Orders wherever you are in the world. We offer affordable prices for on-time delivery and a stress-free customs clearance process.

We advance the process in accordance with the latest policies, we deliver your orders to you in the fastest time.

Online traces are used to track system, identify possible delays and check the process delivered on time with full high performance.

Lojistik takip
Lojistik takip