Solid Bridge

In the entire production process of your brand, we provide cost, quality and what is beneficial for your business without missing the smallest detail.


We ensure that your product is produced and shipped in the most accurate way, and we transfer all the steps to you with transparency.

Right Quality

You can examine your prestige by providing all the accessories, embroidery, printing and sewing details suitable for your product


Your brand's products, collections and our special design collection that guides you is a pride and value for us.

Mixxit Turkey is the reliable business partner of those who want to produce private clothing brands and textile brands. Our work, which starts with the design of the collection, continues until the product reaches the end consumer.

We provide all the R&D needs of the brand in production and product development, and we become the hand of our customers in Turkey.

How the fabric of the product should be, what should be the cost, whatever we do, we increase our profit without sacrificing quality, we calculate them all.

We do creative and developer works that will increase prestige for your brand and company.


Representation is an R&D Work

We conduct a comprehensive R&D research before production. We provide information about manufacturer researches, samples, all kinds of accessories to be used, order quantity, color and size distribution, loading date, target price information.

We visit the manufacturers and collect their information for you.

We will send the samples to you and continue the process with your approval or guidance. After price and sample confirmation, we confirm the order part.


Agency Steps

After the approval process, we carefully follow up and audit. As the fabrics are processed, dyeing processes, tests continue and production is carried out with cuttings.

After the approval of threads, thread color and quality, sewing begins. Accessories are processed and then ironed and packed.


After the approval of threads, thread color and quality, sewing begins. Accessories are processed and then ironed and packed.
In the packaging phase; Samples are packed separately for use in exhibition areas such as showrooms.
We send the products of the collections of each season as samples, it is important to give ideas and help to our customers in the new season at fairs and exhibition areas.
This is important for the presentation to the customer, it is done to introduce the samples to the end consumer who will use the product and to present them to the market immediately.

The loaded goods are in our guarantee until they reach you, we monitor and manage the entire process until they reach you.