Last Check

Before we deliver your products to you, we perform a final quality control.


After the completion of your production and the control approval process, the stage of sending you with the appropriate materials begins.


Your packages are our responsibility to you, your store and the final customer.


We love the environment and life, the materials used during packaging are recyclable.

Your brand’s products are under our guarantee until they reach you.

After the entire production process is complete, your orders are delivered to you in the most reliable ways.

We manage all shipping activities including packaging, transportation method of packages, identification of vehicles, suitability and storage.

Recycled Packaging

Protection methods in packaging and other conditions in packaging are made in accordance with the product category.

It is our job to prevent the product from being damaged during transportation, storage, protection and transportation.

The packaging or packages are selected from materials suitable for the nature of the product and delivered to you safely.

We support our sustainability principle with packages made from recycled materials.