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Mixxit Turkey, 21 years of experience, is the solution partner of private clothing brands and those who want to produce brands in textiles. Since 2000, we have produced for the leading textiles of Turkey and the very special brands of the world.

We express our desire to live a passionate and loving life with our designs. We make it easy for our customers to create their products with the collection models we reveal for the seasons. We are a valuable part of the service that manages the collections we produce for brands, from procurement to logistics. We are a team.

We produce collections suitable for every season and help our customers. We do business with brands in the Netherlands, England, Denmark and many European countries.

Our team consists of designers, logistics specialists, apparel technicians, quality control specialists, customer representatives.

Our sub-units consist of Printing, Embroidery, Fabric, Sewing, Packaging and Labeling.

We have the ability and flexibility to manage orders according to their density.