Product Development

In the fabric research process, we meet the wishes of our customers. We determine and search for suitable fabrics that they are looking for and like.

Quality & Compliance

We perform an experienced quality control and compliance phase, and we establish business partnerships based on our values ​​and principles.


After choosing the fabrics suitable for your collection, we present the manufacturers and the necessary information to you.


Choosing quality fabric is the right step of the business. We choose the fabric to be processed and used and process it in the most special way for your designs.

We find the best fabrics to be used in your products. We use our fabric houses to see the samples, colors and qualities of your fabrics.

Our 21 years of experience has added a wide network and a lot of knowledge. We know what to look out for in fabric sourcing and what will be good for your brand.

Fabric Supply

We provide sample submissions for the fabric and make our selections according to our common opinion.

Supply also prefers eco-vero fabrics sustainability we also show our principle in our supplies.

We choose our business partners that we supply with the appropriate principles.

Carefully follow the fabric, processes and progress of your products. We do. We deliver the product or collection of your brand that we produce to you reliably.