Tali · Secondary Belted Dress: Mixxit SS'21

Secondary Dress is produced for those who care about comfort as well as casual elegance.

The elegance of belt and arm details has been added to our design so that you can move comfortably.

Tali Dress, which has a stylish stance with its tile patterns and color distribution, can be worn in daily and elegant environments.

The knee-high stance and the slit detail next to the skirt can allow you to move comfortably

It can also be preferred in business life with its non-sweaty fabric structure.

We produced this dress that I designed without any problems and by following the whole process.

We do all the designing and packaging of the product.


Design (Style)
Fabric Structure
Main Color
Lacivert ve Beyaz
Intermediate Colors
Karo Desenli
Sense (Feel)
Useful Features

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