We design and create products for the future. Innovative for the entrepreneur or brand customer products and end-to-end solutions.

We have a unique approach and competence in creating and managing flexible production / supply strategies for retailers and brands in every metric from product design to vendor alignment, raw material procurement, production control, logistics and more..

Fashion / Design

In every new season, we become excited and share our innovative approach to the designs of the future.


Accurate trend analysis, we provide special quality, technical and product and production process management on behalf of our customers with our experience.


We know that, high quality chain of products to suit our customers’ brand understanding exist with our quality.

Production / Shipment

In the market conditions, we produce the product fast and high quality, we deliver it on the desired date and conditions.

Fashion & Design

We’ve been producing designs that give direction to our business!

In our work we think as a long journey, we produce unique designs for the fashion market. production of we support you in the products or designs you want to achieve.

We’ve been in fashion for years we are a team that successfully accomplishes many tasks in business development and management in the design world. Our solutions are new we develop rapidly, in the light of trends, technologies, or methods we have developed.

“Knowledge dominate, calm down, build up and survive “.

Our mind speaks, our passion supports

We manage models from design to shop.From shapes, sizes, ages and thoughts, from lace, tulle, flower and all kinds of fabrics worn.

Design it and Develope it

We follow fashion trends, know fabrics and technological developments, dominate historical and cultural accumulations. We design with this information, we develop our designs with understanding of business.

Creative and innovative

We value life and the inhabitants, we are devoted to creativity, innovation and design.

Business Development

We use all our knowledge to develop your business.

We use our experience for you, we improve ourselves by adapting to everyday change. Our knowledge from product design to development stage, we help you with product and product management.

Include we are on your side of the market, production or other matter you want and we develop and manage the process.

MIXXIT, a team that has worked for many years in the business and has achieved the best results by demonstrating proficiency in projects

Risk and compliance management

Our goal is to help the parties with what we do. We know and manage the importance of risk in business development. We consider the social compatibility of our customers.

Use of welding

Standards and best practice adoption,our suppliers and industry partners for our approach to resource use.

Cooperation with industry and administration

Customers, including industrial partners, governments and NGOs, can use multiple. we participate in sector initiatives that bring stakeholders together.


In fact, it’s a chain of human touch.

At the horizontal level, we are doing our best with the best advantage in understanding the whole of usability.

Our approach to resource use, standards and best practices is to take advantage of all communities while using it for our customers, suppliers and industry partners.

We work with well-managed factories, agencies and other business partners. We take good attitudes and behaviors that will lead our understanding and our goals. We produce the best so that the producers can arrive at the best level where they need to be reached.

We use our resources wisely and efficiently and carry out our own operations in this framework in the procurement process.

We are planning

We make long, medium and short term forecasts of the value to be produced. Suppliers, factories, warehouses, etc.we also analyze the positioning of production network stakeholders.

Production and Shipment

We identify potential quality problems, quality measurement to display appropriate quality measurements systems.

Analyzing and improving

What is out of control, what are scripts, what are diagnoses? Application solutions, communication, checks and improvements when necessary.

We provide suitability with control

We provide controls for your location, we determine the fitness rating.

Production and Shipment

An efficient, proactive and energetic team that can manage all phases of the production process!

Production; starting from the sample stage and taking logistics activities and activities into its own frame; marketing, sales, product development, finance and information technology.

Mixxit can calculate all phases of this coordination and position its activity in all phases.

We are attached to the statement “We will be following footprints in the fashion industry” in our mission. We spend all of our behaviors towards our principles, values ​​and goals, thinking about the benefits of our stakeholders.

Functional ability

We have the ability to respond functionally and respond to this request according to production requirements. We have developed and implemented an advanced structure that works within the scope of modern production.

Speed of operation and service

We know; your business partner who can meet the requirements effectively and efficiently from the moment of It is a masterpiece. Mixxit is doing it for all its customers. Our work principle for quality is to work with our customers who have basic principles and values.


We know where we are located, what kind of “effort” do you want?